Warehouse 010

Aerial approach to ATS Warehouse.

The ATS Warehouse and landing facility is located on the north coast of Botany Bay (near the Botany Cove sim border). Its large landing pad was a primary reason that Daphne Jones decided to have it built - the colonies other landing facilities were inadequate for her first ship, the Hyacinth.

The warehouse itself is a prefab building, with extra support beams added to support the landing pad on the roof. A site built control tower was added above the roof and a duracrete parking ramp on pilings extends out over the water.

Approach/Departure Procedures (VFR)Edit

Approach: From Skyring 4, maintain a heading of 300 degrees and altitude of 55 meters until field in sight with a clear glidepath. Descend at pilot's discretion and land. Please clear the landing pad promptly.

Departure: After liftoff, climb to and maintain an altitude of 65 meters on a heading of 90 degrees. Do not descend below 65 meters or turn south of 90 until well past the Skyring 4.

A facility tour in picturesEdit