Name : Ahnelia
Race : Cyborg
Occupation : -N/A-

When she was a child (around 8 y.o.) she had a accident. Her whole body was seriously injured, and her only chance to survive was to take a cybernetic body. Her family don't have enough money to buy one, but an agency proposed an arrangement; the agency give the credits, and Ahnelia should follow a special training to be a part of a special agency.

After working for some years in this agency, her brain was removed and put in a spaceship, to help the A.I. Her cybernetic brains absorbed the A.I. after the ship was abandoned in space.

Since then, she's been working on the ship, the Helleborealis, fixing it, and sometimes she take a cybernetic body to go out the ship, visiting planets. She decided to stay a while on a colony, Botany Bay, where a lot of different species travel; she think it's the best way to fix her ship.