The Aquatic Welcome Center a Diver's Eye View

The Aquatic Welcome Center (AWC) is an inshore faciltiy desinged to cater to the many aquatic visitors, as well as the New Gaian Natives. The facility, located in the sheltered water of the bay, just west of the main colony the center is protected by the barrier reef and offers a pleasent environs for our Aquatic visitors.

Desinged with the needs of our Aurelian, Delphon, Drell, Hanar, Mon Calamari, Xindi and Rokea visitors in mind, the facility can be fully flooded, or maintain a air / water mixed atmoshphere as needed. The facility is equipped with its own, underwater landing pad, go from an aquatic Homeworld, to the colony with out ever having to don an encounter suit!

The AWC is also used for meetings with the New Gaian's, and Aquatic (Mer) people, native to Nova Gaia.