Araxes, The Dunes of Mu Draconis is a Metaverse Sci-Fi Role-Playing Community.

Araxes is a dry, hot, hostile world with water almost as precious as the planet's most sought-after mineral which is colloquially known as "the spice." Independent settlers look to make their way in the world and prospectors search the desert for the spice, while factions compete economically, politically and sometimes militarily.

We welcome all species, including aliens, cybernetic entities, hybrids and furries.

Although originally inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune Series of novels and films, players inspired by Starship Troopers, Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate, Babylon Five, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Traveller, HALO plus many player-created backgrounds enjoy a shared roleplay environment here. We appreciate the respect roleplayers give to the setting and ask that their roleplay be respected in return.


All roleplay, including combat, is by mutual consent. Combat is permitted in most regions in the cluster, but there are designated safe zones where combat is not allowed (see below). If someone tells you to leave them alone, please do so. If someone does not wish to roleplay with you, please accept their wishes and leave them alone. You will see signs and notices at the entrance of these areas. Please pay attention to the posted signs and notices.

Splintered Rock - Freeform consensual metered combat allowed.
Desert Basin East - Freeform consensual metered combat allowed.
Deep Desert - Freeform consensual metered combat allowed.
Evangeline - Combat allowed depending on the renter. Rules depend on parcel renter.
Wadi Emet - Consensual combat allowed. Bladed weapons preferred.
Al Raqis - SAFE ZONE! No combat allowed. Display of weapons not allowed.

Please bear in mind that many players on these sims enjoy immersing themselves in the environment, their dress, appearance, and their mannerisms. Please do not disrupt their roleplay and try to avoid actions that would break their immersion. The various groups using this shared space support each other's role play and we appreciate you also making the effort to do the same.

Roleplay justification does not exempt anyone from rules concerning abuse, assault, defamation, disclosure, disruption, harassment, indecency, intolerance and other rules as set forth in Second Life's Terms of Service (TOS) and Community Standards (CS).
See: See: If you witness a violation of Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards, immediately document with pictures, locations and transcripts. Inform the sim owners & admins and/or make an abuse report to Linden Labs.

The regions are a shared resource, we appreciate your care and attention in not causing lag through use of objects which make high demands on the sim servers.

Kindly clear away any prims that you have rezzed during your roleplay unless they are on an area that you have rented.

No nudity, sex play or excessive profanity.

Rules subject to change via a democratic process.