Jubi & Auryn

Auryn with Jubilynn Lane aboard Botany Bay Station - 2510

Auryn Sapeur is an Orion Advocate, a leader among her people in the local sector of space. Auryn arrived at Botany Bay during explorations for new trade routes in 2510. The strong willed woman quickly gained the friendship of Colony Administration Jubilynn Lane.

Auryn would oversee the establishment of an orion trading post on the Botany Bay Station. The humble beginings would blossom into a long term alliance between the Orions and Colonists.

Auryn would lead the local Orion faction, known as the Orion's Sword though 2511 when internal fighting would break out within the organization. A civil war was fought within the swords. One faction was lead by the Male Scion Arealius Barbosa, the other by Female Advocate Auryn Sapeur.

The power struggle spilled into open combat on the Desert World of Araxes, drawing in allies on both sides. The fighting would see an end of the Swords, as Auryn's faction, the j'Est neb with assistance from their allies defeated Scion Barbosa's forces. Barbosa himself would fall under the claws of Hengeyokai Khan Serus, in revenge for an ambush on Colony forces earlier in the year.

During this time, Auryn would disspear from public eye. It has been reported that she was gravely wounded during the civil war. After the stuggle Tamzin Alexander would become Orion Advocate. Auryn returned to the public eye briefly following her presumed convalescence. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but is believed to be on the Orion homeworld. In the meantime Ambassador Tamzin is filling her role as Advocate, pro tem.