Citty portrait

Citlalmina Serrano

Citlalmina Serrano is a human woman born on Aguaje de la Centinela, a Rim World of the Firefly 'Verse. She escaped the poverty and crime of that poorly-terraformed, desolate world by joining the Guardia Orbitales, where she learned to pilot transatmospheric craft.

She saw minor action during the Unification War as la Guardia was required to intercept refugees fleeing the advancing Alliance forces and return them to the Border and Core Worlds. The suffering she saw during those VBSS actions prompted her to resign at the end of the war.

Citlalmina worked her way inward to the Core World Londinium. There, she met a senior Companion Acolyte who told her about that life — and corrected Citlalmina's mistaken belief that she was too old to join the Guild. Citlalmina made it to Paquin where she sought sanctuary in the Companion's Guild.

In the Guild, Citlalmina found her vocation. When she completed her terms as an Acolyte of the Guild and Registered, she was given the name Fā-Le Yán (发了言). During that time she introduced Hilary Querrien — now the Registered Companion zài yì (在意) — to the Guild, and soon after the High Priestess blessed them as lǎotóng (老同).

Fa-Le Yan dancing

Fā-Le Yán

Yán is pansexual, and has offered all four Enjoyments to her patrons for many years.

Yán has served High Priestess Varahi Lusch as Chief of Staff of the Bó'ài Hónglián House and as Ambassadress Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the Registry of Companions to several other worlds. She managed the Companion House in Al Raqis, is Station Counselor on UFS Starbase Tranquility under the command of Captain Thallanor Rasmuson, and managed Ocotillo Companion House on Nirvana Island. She has traveled from her residence in Tenochtitlan to Báilián (白蓮) House in Barad en'Hyanda ("Blade City") as she guides the Companions of the Sixth World throughout the West Coast of North America from Aztlan to Tir Tairngire.

Now in her maturity, she is neither as slender nor as bound by the classic routine of a Companion as she once was. As a Priestess of the Guild and zhíshì (执事) to the High Priestess, she has reduced the tempo of her activities of a Companion, focusing on Guild administration as well as meditation, writing, and other creative pursuits. She is certified as a fashion model by the MODA Modeling School and occasionally works as a "curvy" model, frequently contributes to r_e_z magazine, and occasionally accepts one of the few requests for Encounters that intrigue her.

While Citlalmina learned to fight in the barrios of Aguaje and received standard military hand-to-hand and light weapons training, she became a pacifist upon joining the Companion's Guild. She will not use firearms under any conditions. She avoids conflict whenever possible, preferring a tranquil life amid her polyamorous family.

She likes to be called "citty" except during the rare times she works as a Companion when she prefers "Yán-Fūrén" ("Lady Yan").