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Companions are skilled, honored professional courtesans and entertainers, renowned for their grace and artistry, who choose their clients from a select registry of vetted and checked individuals.

The guild is native to Alliance space in the 'Twin Sun' sector. The guild has taken to the greater 'verse and has traveled far from the core planets. There are many Companion Houses on worlds as diverse as Paquin and Xin Caodi.

Guilds offer classes to aspiring trainees, who progress through a series of ranks before becoming Registered Companions. Classes run in a variety of designs and are specific to the interest and skills of the Houses that provide them.

There are several large houses that provide council to the Guild. Among these houses are Sanctuary House, House Athar, House Shān​jiàn, and Bó'ài Hónglián.

Botany Bay's Experience with the Guild Edit

The colony has a long history with the guild going back several years. Many current Companions, or Companion Acolytes (students) are former colonists. A formal alliance between the Guild and the colony developed during the colony's current prosperity at Nova Gaia. Companion Zài Xiàn is the official ambassador between the two groups, and operates a Guild House on the Colony's north shore.

Kahn Jubilynn was heavily involved in relations between the Guild and the Orions, having introduced the two people in early 2510. Khan Jubilynn was present at the trial of Orion Ambassador Tamzin Alexander, and was instrumental in her acquisition by the High Priestess.

The colony has hosted several visits by the guild, the most recent 'field trip' having occurred on 25 Feb 2512. The colony's warm climate and extensive collection of culture and knowledge is an asset to the Guild's training and operation.

OOC Edit

The Companions are only briefly discussed in the canon context of Firefly and Serenity. Inara Serra is the main source of information, but there are additional glimpses of training, skills, and personality in Nandi, Sheydra, and Yo-Saf-Bridge.