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Covet is a group of force users who maintained a small station and presence at the Botany Bay station, and again at Botany Bay Colony at Nova Gaia from 2511 to early 2512.

Covet believes Lust is the way of Life. Our day to day activities consist of exploring erotica and bringing satisfaction to ourselves and followers. This is the true use of the Force. Light, Dark, only consist of denial of the other. Covet is about acceptance of self satisfaction. Covet members are students of the Unifying Force school of force practioners. While the group claims to have many force users in their ranks, none were observed during their stay at Nova Gaia. The factions leader, 'Queen' Etana Till rarely visited the surface, or public sections of Botany Station.

However Covet Minister Rahn Au often visited the main colony and had business realtions with many local merchants as well as a rumored personal realtionship with Adminstrator Lane.

Covet departed the Hengeyokai Proctorate in the spring of 2512, after a series of confrontations between 'Queen" Till and Kahn Lane, with the Queen demanding the Khan kowtow to her, an action unlikely from the Hengeyokai Kahn. Currently Covet has no preseance in the Proctorate, though Lord Rahn makes occasional visits.

Covet operated a small station dubbed Covet Station. Here the disciplians of the cult practiced thier hedionistic ways. Covet Lords and Mistresses trafficed in slaves from many worlds and races, training new aquisitions aboard the station.