Overview Edit

Hazmat snapshot 002

GiaGen portable Decon uint on display at Botany Bay.

Portable Decon units are manfactured by many companies throughout the verse. The GaiaGen portable decon unit is typical of high end units. Able to be field deployed by a pair of trained personnel, the GaiaGen PDU is capable of rapid deconmination of contaminated personel and equipment.

The unit is made of mylar-thin plastic. Once inflated with air, the structure is then filled with an expandable foam making it rigid and structurally sound. When it is time to move the unit, a chemical agent is injected into the foam, breaking it down in a quarter hour and allowing the unit to be packed up and re-palletized.

Decon of personnel and equipment is accomplished though an onboard diagonstic and dispensary of advanced biogels, nanodevices and chemcial reactants.