Dr Fox Al Raqis

Dr Fox deliving relief Supplies - Mu Draconis

Doctor Samantha Fox Samantha Fox is a Medical Doctor working for Colonial Regional Ambulatory and Surgical Hospitals (CRASH). Dr. Fox was recruited by Hengeyokai Ranger recruiters from an orphanage on the world of Ashland at the end of a brutal civil war in the system.

While the young recruit excelled at training, she was singled out for special training by Clan Fox observers and removed from the Agoge. She would attend the clans intensive medical training program, graduating with an advanced medical degree. Dr Fox is currently employed by the GaiGen subsidiary, CRASH where she serves as a senior physician and member of the oversight board.

Dr Fox is currently assigned to the outer rim, splitting her time among several new Hengeyokai colonies, including the larger medical bay at Botany Bay. Dr Fox is often at the forefront of CRASH's tactical operations, supporting Colonial Rangers and Hengeyokai warriors in the field. She was the lead medical officer during the humanitarian missions to non-aligned worlds during the Black Pox outbreak as well as the recent combat on Mu Draconis. Dr. Fox is currently considered part of the Hengeyokai contingent at Botany Bay, although her duties often take her elsewhere.