Dragon's Egg

Habitable Class:

Location: Alliance Space (Twin Suns)


Dragon's Egg is an alliance world which has newly discovered the interstellar community. While the world is coming to grips with their 'first contact', instances of xenophobia are not unheard of.

The world has a strong presence of the "Blue Sun" corporation.

Via Cortex News ServiceEdit

The light from the local sun flares across the split and shattered remains of Hale's Moon, its airless dead pieces becoming part of the asteroid field that it once neighbored.

The space station, provided by BlueSun for use as a temporary shelter for those fleeing the moons, must now serve as a home to those who now inhabit this room, on this station.

These people, all that remain of Hale's Moon, have brought with them only what they can carry. They had hoped to return home, to the moon and mines, to their lives built since coming to Hale's Moon.

But that cannot happen now. The seismic activity detected soon was shown to be caused by the large bots that had helped destroy other colonies. No one knows for certain when they became aware enough to hide, to survive, in the depths of the mines on Hale's Moon.

What we do know is that for some reason, they have awakened, and made their last stand on that very Moon. That stand destroyed everything but hope.

The station was towed by The Alliance to a spot within range of a new moon. Reports from the surface of that moon indicate a beautiful world awaits. The Alliance has, in its generosity, provided an entire new moon just for the people of Hale's. No doubt they will stay nearby, to monitor development and provide some support. Close but not too close.

But about that beautiful as the survivors look out the glass. It shines. It shimmers. It looks almost like an egg. In fact, that is what its called. Dragon's Egg.

But what is beneath the beauty? Could there be a hostile, dangerous world? Could there be some salvage to be had, from those who may have tried before to survive here? The Alliance has not really given us much information about our new home. What we know:

The moon is uninhabited by any human beings. There are no buildings. No homes, schools, shops, medical facilities - nothing. It is a brave new world.
There are no services. No power. No electricity. No industry. No roads. The only transportation is provided by horses found on the surface, or the all-terrain vehicles provided by one of the mechanics working in a nearby orbital repair facility.