Snapshot 053

The Elemental in Orbit above Nova Gaia after Refit April 2512

Class: Gunn Cruiser

Captian: Sashi Darkfold

The Elemental is a Gunn Class cruiser operated by Captian Sashi Darkfold. While the vessels origins are a mystery, it has been under Sashi's command since at least July of 2511, when it assisted in the Colony's Exodus from Mu Draconis to Nova Gaia. The large warship stayed on station at Nova Gaia for several months before departing for parts unknown.

Sashi and the Elemental returned to Nova Gaia in May of 2512, having sustained heavy damange during her adventures. Sashi enlisted the assistance of several colonists during a month long repair and refit of the vessel. Despite the damage, the attention of HDF Lt. Commander Julia Lithanos, and techs from the colony including Indy and Valanice, ensured the ship was ready for duty by the end of April.

Reentering service with several short missions, the vessel departed the system again for an extended cruise in June of 2512. Her current whereabouts and fortunes are unknown.