Pilot NPC Ellie

Ellie aboard the Colony Staton -2510.

Ellie is a Romani pilot working for the Botany Bay Colonial Administration. Like many Romani, Ellie is a natural pilot, using the 'gifts of the blood' to her fullest ability, Romani pilots give Jedi a run for their money behind the joystick. In much demand thought the 'verse, few Romani work outside of their clans. Several Romani Clans have long histories with the Clans of the Hengeyokai, and it is not unusual to see the individuals of one peoples working with the other.

Ellie has worked at the colony since leaving her the vardo's of her home kumpania 7 years ago. Due to her skill, Ellie draws the most difficult flight assignments the colony can find. As the colony's lead pilot, Ellie has participated in many key moments in the colony's recent history, including the defense against the Har'ken attack and evacuation of survivors to the orbital station. During the Wormhole Away Missions, Ellie was the primary pilot of shuttle Alpha, the modified shuttle that transported the away teams though the wormhole. As the shuttle's pilot, Ellie participated in all the away missions, where her skill and wit was often key to the mission's success.

During the Second Battle of Botany Bay, Ellie managed to launch Alpha and engage Har'ken assault vessels as they approached the Colony. Her aggressive defense of the station helped give enough time for Hengeyokai and Ranger reinforcements to arrive.

Ellie currently operates shuttle Alpha, having grown attached to the vessel during the recent actions. It is aboard Alpha that the Kahn's travel though the slipstream when they visit distant worlds. Ellie is also the pilot during many rescue missions, able to dock Alpha with damaged, uncontrolled vessels other pilots would balk at.

Ellie's verbal wit is legendary among the colonists. Often quipping during tense moments such as during an away mission to a frozen world, " I'm a Pilot not an Ice Cube". Her dry, but good natured ribs at mission commanders often release nervous energy within the teams she's transporting. Ellie's official name is NPC Ellie in all station records, what NPC stands for, or why she has the monkeier is unknown, but seems to be some sort of in-joke between herself and the other Romani of the colony.

Ellie was gravely wounded during the Orion Civil war at Mu Draconis. If it was not for the intervention of Kahn Serus, and the skill of Dr Fox, she would not have pulled though. She bears the scars of the Lycan who assaulted her, and has maintained a distrust of Orions since the incident.