Fenris - Clan Wolf Homeworld & Hengeyokai Captial

Fenris is the Home World of Clan Wolf of the Hengeyokai and current Captial of the Hengeyokai Protectorate. The Agoge of the Colonial Rangers is also located on the world.

Like most wolds of the Proctorate, Fenris is far removed from the nearest Galagtic Core, located in a deep Magellanic Cloud, called the Wolf's Head. As is their custom, while the world is developed, it is done so in harmony with nature. Hengeyokai worlds tend to be much less densely populated than galagtic core worlds, with the realitively small number of facilities wildely spread over the planet's surface, and often built into the landscape. Hengeyokai technology and architecture emphazies 'net zero' impact to the environment on Hengeyokai worlds.

Fenris is a heavily forrested world, with small inland seas and a cool moist climate over much of its surface.

Fenris is home to the Hengeyokai Elder Council, who meets outside the Wolf Clan captial of Wolfhome. The Ranger traing facility, is in a vast complex called the Agoge, a region of the same name. As capital of the Hengeyokai Proctorate, the world is host to an enclave from each of the 14 Clans of the Hengeyokai. Local government and defnese of the world is responsbility of the loca Clan Wolf Sentai, the Darkwatch.