Fluffy 1

Fluffy sporting dark spots on Nova Gaia

Fluffy is a large spotted cat, similar to a Snow Leopard, who appears to be a member of the Hengeyokai Sentai at Botany Bay. Hengeyokai clans appear to often have animal members of the Clan’s Totem Species. As Botany Bay is a colony of the Bastet clan, an leopard member would not be out of the reported norm.

Whether Fluffy is a singular animal, or several seems to be a matter of debate amoung observers. Fluffy was first observed fleetingly on the Ground Colony at Botany just prior to its destruction in 2509. The large feline somehow made the evacuation to the station, and was seen on several occasions prowling the large structure, or lounging in some out of the way place, occasionally venturing into Sol Cantina or another public venue.

She survived the Second Battle of Botany Bay, and accompanied the colonists to Mu Draconis. Here, she grew into a darker spot pattern, as she prowled the vast deserts of Tanami Erg. It was on Mu Draconis that the second, larger Leopard, referred to by some as Dire species, but reportedly referred to as Chatro by the Hengeyokai was observed. This larger ‘Fluffy’ was seen to also prowl the desert, and on occasion participated in combat against the various forces which attacked the colony or settlers. She was also observed to carry Shyaa as some sort of feline mount on several occasions.

Fluffy has followed the colony to Nova Gaia. She can be seen patrolling the colony’s Isle, often in the accompaniment of other Hengeyokai, or more likely on her own. Fluffy rarely ventures inside the colony itself, but can be seen along the roofs and balconies of the main settlement. She has been known to take down prey, and occasionally participate in combat against intruders. The Chatro Fluffy has also been seen on Nova Gaia, most notably during a confrontation with a large anthro-vixen who attacked the Administration in Sol Cantina.

Both forms of the feline seem to be able to communicate somehow with the other Hengeyokai. Whether this is some sort of actual communication, or if the beasts are somehow trained to respond to body language and verbal commands remains to be seen.