Snapshot 007

Highport in its new orbit with heavy traffic - Fall 2512

The Highport facility is a commercial cargo handling and transfer station in orbit above the Botany Bay Colony in the Nova Gaia system. Highport is operated by the colonial administration and serves as the colony’s main trade hub. While short on amenities, the station is equipped with a myriad of equipment to ensure the efficient transfer of cargo from one vessel to another, movement of cargo from orbit to the surface, or temporary holding of cargo on a limited basis. The facility has several hard docks, allowing cargo to be moved from one vessel to another, as well as several ‘wet docks’ umbilicalls for moving liquid or semi liquid cargo to storage and transfer tanks. The port’s commercial use belies its rather ‘blue collar’ appearance.

Jubi on Highport

Jubilynn in a hardsuit aboard the Highport.

Highport utilizes many different technologies and methods, to ensure safe efficient transfer of goods between traders. The quick, efficient, few questions asked service is backed by the Colonial Administration, giving captains a layer of security when dealing with new trade partners. This service and use of the facility offsets the small transactional fee the Administration receives for its efforts.

Highport handles over half the commercial traffic which passes through the Nova Gaia system, seeing vessels from all over the ‘verse on a daily basis. Often vessels orbit the station, awaiting their turn to dock and off load. There are 4 holding orbits as well, were vessels queue for their turn. This traffic is organized by the colony’s Space Traffic Control, based in the colony’s planet side CIC. Often this traffic is automated by the colony’s AI, I.R.I.S..

Highport with docked boats

Highport before boost - Several Boats Docked and transferring Cargo

The port has recently undergone a boost in its orbit, giving arriving vessels a less complex approach to the facility. It is serviced by several Beanstalk links, and with regular shuttle service to the surface and other station.