Hilary Phoenix

Phoenix Acolyte

A girl caught in a temporal misfunction, pulled onto the original plant of Botany Bay from Earth That Was, drifted for a while, arrested by the Administrator once for attempting to free a slave, and worked as an escort in the Silken Wonders.

Shortly after the invasion which resulted in the colony evacuating to a space station, Hilary spent some time with travelling with the owner of the Silken Wonders, and, at a beach party, met a woman who took her to visit the planet of Paquin. There, she immediately decided to apply to join the Bó'ài Hónglián house of the Companion's Guild, and train to become a Companion.

The woman, Citlalmina Serrano, who had introduced her was assigned to look after her during her introductory period. Within a few months of her arrival, Hilary had accepted Citlalmina's collar, and she and her Doña were made Laotong in a ceremony by the High Priestess.

Hilary has been authorised by the High Priestess to be a practicioner of Tantric cuddles, and is now a fully Registered Companion, and has been given the Companion Name zài yì (在意)