Commander Kell

Commander Ilyanna Kell @ Botany Bay CiC - 2512

Ilyanna Kell Ilyanna Kell is a Colonial Rangers Commander of the Kell's Hounds Cluster. Commander Kell was recruited by the Hengeyokai from an orphanage on the war ravaged world of Hesperus. Ilyanna excelled in her training at the Agoge, becoming a Ristar at an early age. The young warrior passed her trials, gaining a position in the elite Fenris Guards Cluster of the Colonial Rangers. Ranger Kell rose though the Ranger's ranks, during a series of assignments until wining a trial of position for Cluster Command of a newly formed Cluster, the Kell's Hounds. Commander Kell's Hounds operate as a Strategic Response Unit for the Hengeyokai. The Kell Hound's most recent assignment as brought them to Ranger Station Botany Bay, where they serve as the sectors SRU in support of Kahn Jubilynn and Hengeyokai interests in the area. Commander Kell has led a series of actions on the desert world of Mu Draconis, including the Hengeyokai's participation in Operation Sandwind, the counter offensive against the Ta Seti invaders, as well as follow on operations against the desert planets most recent aggressors. For her actions during this conflict, the Commander was awarded the Al Raqis Meritorious Service Medal from the Mu Draconis government.