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Indygo Moonbeam, born on Earth of a different dimension. She is a quirky engineer that was merged with alien nanites, and more at home with machines then with people. Almost all times, ribbons of light surround her, often changing with her emotions.

Over a year ago, Indygo crawled out of a cargo box aboard the Botany Bay Station, off-loaded from a ship called the "Destiny's Edge". The ship had been damaged, being forced into a pulsar field by pirates.

Damaged herself, Indygo staggered around the station trying to piece together the events that brought her there. Indygo found her defense was burn out by the the pulsar trying to bring the "Destiny's Edge " around and away from the pulsar.

After a few meetings with the Administrator Jubilynn Lane of House Hengeyokai , the Administrator offered Indy protection after Indygo confided her fears of the slavers in red sector.. Indygo accepting the offer, then found herself the personal property of Jubilynn, and serving as Engineer for the Colony, bartender and sometimes dancer at the Sol Cantina.


Indygo's pieces together Spaceship.

Durring the destruction of the Space Station of the Botany Bay colony, Indy learned the nanites had rebooted to repair, causeing the other programs inside the nanites, inside her to be activated.

The frist to appear was Crimson, combat and tatical program, with a single minded objective, attack any threat.

The second to appear was Cyan, medical program with a soft clear voice and nearly floating movements catches most everyone attension. Cyan's basic programs projects clam and relaxation, her blue-green light ribbons move hypnoticly around her, chiming with soft faint musical bells.