Jager & Serus

Jagerwolf & Serus @ Sol Cantina - 2512

Jagerwolf Darkwatch is a Hengeyokai Warrior of Clan Wolf. Jager has recently joined the Botany Bay Sentai. Jager is a powerful Garou Ahurn, and a noted warrior among his people. His sire, is the Gai’nan of the Darkwarth Sentai, based on the Wolf Clan home world of Fenris.

Jager was born and rasied on Fenris, the Capital of the Hengeyokai Prorectorate and home world of Clan Wolf. A true Hengeyokai or ‘Fera’ Jager learned the ways of his people from a young age. Prior to arriving at Botany Bay Jager was a high ranking Wolf Ahurn, Serving as an instructor in the Agoge, as well as leading Wolf war parties in the far reaches of known space.

Jager was present at the Second Battle of Botany Bay, leading the Wolf Contingent’s charge into battle. Jager lead the Hengeyokai boarding party onto the besieged station and personally faced off against the most powerful of the Har’ken warriors.

Following the battle Jager returned to Fenris helping reorganize the Colonial Rangers deployment and oversee a series of trials among both the Rangers and hengeyokai. Missing most of the colony’s stay on Mu Draconis, Jager returned to the Colony during the Exodus, assisting the Romani convoy in the relocation. Following the Exodus, Jager spent more time on the Colony than on Fenris.

Jager Patrol

Jager & Serus on Patrol Outside the Colony - 2512

A growing relationship between the Wolf Warrior, and Bastet Kahn Serus has likely been a factor in the powerful Garou renouncing his position with the Darkwatch, and joining the Botany Bay Sentai. As the first non-Bastet member, Jager has been finding his place in the female lead Colony. Jager spends much of his time patrolling the colony’s outlying areas, and leading Rangers on various missions off colony. He escorted Kahn Jubilynn on her recent trip to Fenris and sided with her in a Trial of Refusal, his skill and strength helping the Kahn defeat his old Sentai, and opening much of the hengeyokai’s knowledge to the people of the colonies.