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Jubi's Doll and pet

Jamiee - Jubi's Dolly

I am Jamiee, a human replicant grown to be the Doll companion to the Duchess of New Boston. I am of a race of clones called CCs that are grown to work the Salazium mines, in the cases of the males, and do domestic and other personal duties in the cases of the females on the dead star of Aiwon.

I am now under the protection of and the property of Miss Jubilynn Lane, the Administrator of the Botany Bay Colony where I work as a dancer, hostess and server of drinks and foods in the SOL Cantina the meeting spot on the Colony.

This doll comes from a pile of rock floating aimlessly in space. Not a planet but a dead star given the name Aiwon by its discoverer James Cloquet. Cloquet discovered a substance he named salazium 256 which is what really makes stars burn and that discovery led extensive mining on Aiwon.

The bad news was that because salazium was so very combustible the salazium had to be coaxed from the rocky sphere using manual hand tools made of beryllium or copper.

To facilitate the mining enterprise Doctor Lazlo Inchofski developed human clones named CCs (do not ask me why because no one seems to know why they are named this) to do the heavy lifting. Males were grown to work the mines, females created to entertain the males, and humans for that matter, and to provide domestic services.

This doll is of that species of genetically engineered human clones although she is a one of a kind creation grown to act as a playmate and doll for daughter Gabrielle of the founder of New Boston on Aiwon, James Cloquet.

Jamiee was left at the Colony by the Duchess and given to the Administrator Jubilynn Lane. Jamiee is now solely owned my Ms Lane and functions completely under Jubilynn's control and protection.

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