Korolev Station
Korolev Station is a trading post located in the 'Aliance' Galaxy.

Sergey Korolev was the Chief Designer of the Russian Space Program during the 1950's and 60's on Earth That Was. He is also the person that Korolev Station is named after. Tracing an orbit through the asteroid belt between Red Sun and Kalidasa, Korolev Station serves as a way point between the Core and the more frontier planets in the 'Verse Cluster of stars.

Korolev Station started life as an ordinary small asteroid mine. The miners bored into the rock, removing the ore and leaving behind several large Spacecrete(tm) vaults. After all the ore was removed, the mechanical equipment was stripped out and the rock was abandoned.

Eventually, the assets of the Korolev Mining company were sold to Atlas Mining. Several years after that, Atlas Mining was sold to Spinwheel Mining of Spinwheel Paquin, although the company barely realized the existence of the rock.

On 24 May 2528 <<2012>>, two lifelong friends, who had grown up aboard the asteroid colony "Katringrad" themselves, purchased the rock and began renovating the structure into a deep space colony. They got a pretty good deal, using up the conbined funds from Xing Qui's business, and Svetlana Pleides' trading cruise. They brought along Ayumi Nine, a dear friend and artist who has been invaluable with her skills and advice. Jo Massenberg and the J Est neb have established a base with Korolev Station after the heavy losses of several ships and the old station. She had to relocate.

The station contains several large vaults or levels, connected by an elevator system. The lowest level is hte large 4 Bay Hangar level, contains the main landing zone for the station, as well as some ware housing for transient cargo.

Krazniy <Red> level, houses the engineering equipment, the fusion power plant and the air and water purifiers.

Zeeloniy <Green> level, and contains the shopping disctrict. There are also clubs, places to eat, dance, and sip tea with a Companion.

Seeniy <Blue> level contains the station's medical facilities, a small farm, a school, some office space, a trading house and a theater.

Syehriy <Grey> contains the quarters for Xing, Sveta and her girls, as well as other station personel.

Constructed on top of the asteroid is a tower, that formerly served as a traffic and communications station for the mine. Generaly speaking, only station personel are allowed in the Bashnya <Tower>

Level 10:-------------Bashnya <Tower> Level 9:---------------Garden Level Level 8:---------------Syehriy <Grey> Level, Quarters for Station Personel Level 7:---------------Seeniy <Blue> Level, Hotel, Hospital, Theater and School Level 6:---------------Oranzhebuyi <Orange> Level, Industrial Level 5:---------------Zeeloniy <Green> Level. Shops and Club Level 4:---------------Krazniy <Red> Level Engineering and Life support Level 3:---------------Angara <Hangar> Level Old Hangar and Firefly Docks Level 2:---------------Warehouse Level. Cargo Level 1:---------------Large 4 Bay Hangar. West Bay is ship yard.