MVS Icrus

MVS Icarus docked with the Beowulf.


M.S.V. Icarus is a not so cleverly named Icarus class cargo vessel registred to Morningstar, a large interstellar trading organization. The vessel had a troubled history.

Rescue by Beowulf SalvageEdit

THe MSV Icarus was found adrift in the Tau Seti Cluster by the Crew of the Beowulf. The Beowulf had been contracted by the vessel's owners, Morningstar, to find and secure the vessel, which was long overdue at its last port of call.

The crew of the Beowulf, augmented by several short term hires (Mercenaries), found the vessel adrift and boarded her. The boarding party found the ship's crew dead, and the vessel overrun by hostile xenomorphs. The boarding party engaged the xeno's in a firece firefight, eventually clearing the vessel of infestation. The vessel was successfuly repowered and returned to it's oweners.

Destruction over Nova GaiaEdit

At approximately 21:00 hrs standard time on the 13th of April, 2512 the M.S.V. Icarus came out of slipstream ahead of its scheduled arrival and off course.

Initial attempts at communication were met with silence and it was deemed the Icarus may have been experiencing technical malfunction which would account for it being off course.

The projected path of the Icarus' flight showed it would strike the surface of the planet over a populated area. In order to attempt to rescue the crew, and prevent the vessel's destruction.

The rescue ship Artemis was dispatched and several members of the Beowulf Salvage freighter, Pike Station and Colony facilities were sent to offer aid and to help regain control of the Icarus.

Upon docking with the Icarus it was immediately apparent that the ship had suffered a cataclysmic event. The first team were attacked by an as of yet unidentified biological pack of carnivorous insectoid creatures. After surviving the initial strike it was discovered that the Icarus was experiencing the first stages of a reactor overload.

Several skirmishes with these creatures followed before an engineering team got get to the reactor to discover that the systems were still set for an FTL jump but safety overrides brought the Icarus out of slipstream before a critical mass explosion destroyed the ship.

After the internal sensors were brought online it was discovered that the vessel had no surviving crew so the rescue mission was now focused on saving the vessel.

When this proved impossible, Captain Jaegen Fenris ordered everyone off the Icarus and overloaded the engine core to self destruct as it entered into slipstream, creating a contained explosion in hyperspace and protecting the Artemis and planet from fallout and debris.

All victims of attack by this unknown biological were brought to Pike for treatment and possible quarentine until the full nature of these creatures can be ascertained.