ATS Base Orpheus 001

ATS HQ at the Orpheus Moon of Apollo, with Apollo rising in the background.

The Orpheus Moon of Apollo (data sheet) is the location of the headquarters for Apollo Trading and Salvage (ATS). It is in an isolated sector... more isolated than Nova Gaia. Captain Daphne Jones stumbled upon the slipstream route while foolishly allowing the ship's computer to fly the slip while she handled the weapons during an escape from pirates.

The ATS facility on this nearly airless moon is staffed by 12 humanoids supported by a small army of cargo bots.

In addition to the ATS HQ, Independent Mining, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of ATS, operates an automated light metals mining facility here. This supplies ATS' main export from the system.

The moon's principle, Apollo, is a medium sized gas giant with spectacular rings. Plans are underway to develop exotic gas mining in the atmosphere of Apollo as well as organics from the rings.


Daphne's OOC note: Orpheus is not in Botany Bay in SL, but is in a skybox owned by Daphne Jones (daphne.pegasi) located at BB players are welcome to bring their RP here whenever interaction with Daphne and/or ATS leads in that direction. Keep in mind that the slip point here drops you just outside the rings of Apollo with a significant velocity straight at the gas giant. It takes a good pilot, good engines, and plenty of fuel to survive system entry. (When you visit, please don't go below the skybox. The ground level and skyboxes between ATS and the ground are part of a medieval/fantasy RP setting and they don't want our spaceships visible.)