Outpost Ouraious is a Starfleet facility in the Mu Draconis System on the desert world of Araxes. The outposts provides a representitive to the Laandstrat.


In 2390, after having spent several years researching the effects of a specific ore on warp drive and its possible use as an alternative energy source, CO AthenaDax Zoon and XO Laser Rainfall spoke extensively with the science officers. It was determined that while some lab experiments had proven successful, it was time to attempt it on a larger scale with the Outpost's Thames-Class Runabout, the USS Pajaro. Due to the small size of the Outpost crew and the need for the presence of each branch, all officers embarked on the mission, leaving a skeletal crew behind to keep up the Outpost's operations.

Things seemed to be going well and the crew was about to initiate the experiment when strange readings unlike anything they had previously encountered began effecting all the runabouts equipment and consoles. Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, an anomaly appeared, trapping the runabout and its crew inside. After several hours of fighting to hold the runabout together and keep support systems online, they managed to break free and returned immediately to the planet surface. It was then that the crew found things were altered and the outpost was gone. They realized they had been thrust into in a parallel universe and were now without a home.

CO Zoon and XO Rainfall decided that it would best serve the fleet to establish an outpost in this new world, especially considering it "felt" almost like home. They spent the next year scavenging for parts and supplies, replicating and rebuilding the Outpost and retrieving what technology and information they could from the runabouts data banks. Life on the alternate Araxes seemed to be very much like that of the one that they had left behind. Believing in looking towards the future, rather than the past, it was decided that the Outpost would be known as, Outpost Ouraios, named after the Greek word for beautiful, a feeling all of the crew had for the planet.

Outpost Ouraios spent the next year as a Scientific and mining station, seeking to understand all of the mystical forces of the planet. Outpost Ouraios also renewed its task of establishing and maintaining relations with the local factions that would enable the Outpost crew to move forward and continue to strive to reach their goals.

In 2392, some odd readings were noted in the astro lab. Readings that indicated that perhaps, as starfleet officers, they were no longer alone...