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Paquin (34 Tauri A)Edit

Paquin was easily terraformed, naturally being a comfortable size and temperature for humans, and having one large moon to keep its extensive oceans from stagnating. It orbits the protostar Heinlein, along with three other terraformed planets. There are no large landmasses, but millions of islands of all sizes.

Lotus Station orbits the planet, providing orbital traffic control and docking facilities for ships that prefer not to land. Spinwheel City is the largest urban settlement on the surface, and has an extensive spaceport.

On a clear day, across a narrow strait from Spinwheel's beaches, the snow-capped peak of Mt. Sushita can be seen rising from the center of the island of Dakini Land, where the Bó'ài Hónglián Companion's Guild is headquartered.