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The 'verse is big, how big? There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. A typical banded sprial galaxy will have between 200 and 400 Billion stars, with hundreds of billions of planets. Of those about 10 billion will be in the habital zone of their parent stars. The 'verse is also vast, how vast? While star systems average between 4.5 and 3.5 light years apart on average, the distances between galaxies is 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 light years. Needless to say, there are alot of places out there to visit, some of the ones associated with Botany Bay are:

Nova Gaia & the Greater Magellanic CloudEdit

Nova GaiaEdit

Botany Bay ColonyEdit

Aquatic Welcome CenterEdit

The Village of Botany CoveEdit

Orbital StationsEdit

Currently In Orbit


Pike StationEdit

Starbright StationEdit

Ghost StationEdit

Andromeda StationEdit

ISFS HeadquartersEdit

No Longer In Orbit

Trident StationEdit

Observation Station Z-34Edit

Klingon StationEdit

Vanguard Penal OutpostEdit

Crimson StationEdit

Covet StationEdit

Other Hengeyokai WorldsEdit


Hengeyokai Capital, Home of Wolf Clan, Location of Colonial Ranger Agoge

Spice Imperium GalaxyEdit

Mu DraconisEdit

Heavily Contested Desert World, Only know source of 'spice'

The Alliance Galaxy (Firefly)Edit

The Earth That Was Edit

Paquin (34 Tauri A)Edit

Zenobia (34 Tauri B)Edit

Dragon's Egg (34 Tauri E)Edit

Korolev StationEdit

Hale's MoonEdit


One of four moons of the planet Athens in the Georgia system. Privately owned and managed.

Miscellaneous Systems & LocationsEdit

Necronom IVEdit

Deshima Station (Helix Nebula)Edit

Skara Brae StationEdit

Orpheus Moon of ApolloEdit

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