Polaris Rivera has been wandering about the known universe for centuries...

at least thats how it would look, if you collected all the articles, cave drawings, bible entries, tabloid drawings, and wav transmissions that he is topic of. But that, is another story.

The most recent jump in history, has him in future where the human race has long ago depleted the resources from our homeworld, Earth, and terraformed several other planets throughout the galaxy. Using technology he accidently stumbled upon in the turn of the 21st century, Polaris has been phasing a large federation vessel through timespace, and has lost a critical component in the ships anatomy, designed to turn waste into renewable energy. This component is not something that can be rebuilt, repaired, or replaced.

In the meantime, Polaris and his crew are weary from travel, hungry, and ready for the break from the 'bigger picture' that this loss represents. They will take jobs here locally, obey local laws, and maybe just grow old and die, running cargo and the occasional passenger back and forth with their support craft. The Aachen will serve as a station, a homebase, in the meantime, until they can get their jump drive back. That may never happen.

Polaris would be 34 years old if he had never left his home, or if this had always been his home. He is partnered with another pilot named Aristotle, a soft spoken dance junkie. Polaris has been moving contraband, passengers travelling incognito, basically doing anything to learn as much as possible about this society and its science.