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Faces of Roxie

I am a clone. I was created in a laboratory in an attempt to replicate the enigmatic Yaz Chronometrist but something went terribly wrong (well not so terrible). The lead scientist accidentally fused my progenitor's DNA with that of another cloning project, that of a rare red fox that was near extinction.

This "mistake" has given me the ability to shape shift at will (and sometimes without). I posses enhanced senses, strength and speed, but I am also shy, territorial, and I frequently succumb to my animalistic nature.

As a human, I am somewhat submissive however, as with most wild animals, I do not tolerate captivity well and will turn on anyone who attempts to tame or own me.

My friends are my most prized possession. One must work hard to gain my trust but those that succeed are rewarded with my complete loyalty and affection.