Botany Bay's Risk Assessment and Management department, or RAM for short, headed up by Chief Palo, is the local law enforcement arm of the colony's administration. The department employs several sentient deputies as well as overseeing autonomous security droids throughout the colony. Contrary to the belief of some though, RAM is not affiliated with House Hengeyokai's Colonial Rangers . The Rangers do not patrol Botany Bay, and RAM does not take purvue outside of Botany Bay. RAM is however responsible for more than just security concerns. As its name implies, RAM officers are constantly surveying the settlement, and assessing potential risks to the colony or its residents. These risks may be violent in nature, or even something as simple as a malfunction in environmental controls, which RAM would report to engineering. RAM is expected to do its best to assess risks before they become threats, and deal with them accordingly, in an effort to make life peaceful and seamless for Botany Bay's residents.