Roberta haven wiki 2

Roberta Haven, former Browncoat, now itinerant voyager.

Roberta "bobbi" Haven

Roberta (" me 'bobbi'...") Haven has been something of an enigma since she first appeared in Nova Gaia local space, only seeming to open up when intoxicated, but, at those times, offering conflicting accounts of her past. Extremely reticent about her past when sober, the most persistent tantalizing tidbit drifitng through the pools of gossip is that she was a Browncoat and survivor of the Battle of Serenity Valley. She is known to be an itinerant traveller kicking around the 'verse since the Unification War, doing jobs when and where she could, and possessing few qualms about the legality of work she signs on to do (" long as I don't get caught...").

She showed up in Botany Bay most recently as a crewmember aboard the Beowulf, serving under (in several senses of that word) Captain Jaegen Fenris as yeoman managing the ship's accounts. Roberta recently left the ship's company and cut ties with Fenris Shipyards as well. She is adamant that rumors of sudden, mysteriously acquired wealth are unfounded, or, in her exasperated words: "...TOTAL F***ING BULLS**T!!!" In response to other persistent rumors she harbors ill will toward an unammed medic, she always grimly replies: "No comment."

Having acquired a taste for the ambience of Botany Bay and the personalities of its inhabitants during the course of her travels, Roberta returns periodically, looking up acquaintances and seeking pleasurable entertainment. Even when physically absent, she obviously continues to monitor the open general comms from Botany Bay.

Roberta has a sense of humor, of sorts, and loves to tease and make wordplay. Although she's not looking for trouble, her impertinence has gotten her spanked several times and probably will again.

Physical characteristics: Human female (of undisclosed origin, although she speaks unaccented Terran english), height 1.93m, weight 75kg (more or less), age thirtysomething, hair red, eyes green.

Weapons: Frontier Model B - Liberty Hammer pistol, Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifle, sharp wit.

((SL user name: bobbi1969 Melodie))