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Kahn Serus in Sol Cantain, Botany Bay Colony, Nova Gaia - 2512

Serus is the second Kahn in conjunction with Jubilynn Lane who cares for the Botany Bay Colony at Nova Gaia. Her primary function, rather than Administration, is protection of the Colony. She does not work on the security force per se, but can usually be found patrolling the wilds for any possible threats on the ground.

Serus was born roughly ten to twelve years ago and was first discovered living in a cave on the original Colony site. She was feral, and was taught to speak in the common tongue as well as her marginal social skills by Jubilynn shortly after her discovery. The pair remain extremely close friends and allies to this day.

She is Bastet, and her interactions with more civilized people remain strained and difficult, though she has improved somewhat over the years, she remains far more wild feline than she does human.

She lives part of the time with Shyaa and Jubilynn along with their daughter Pearl in an apartment above the Sol Cantina. The rest of the time she spends in the wilds, in the caves to which she's more accustomed.

Of late, she has been spending a good deal of time with a Garou named Jagerwolf.