Shekmet on Patrol outside the Colony @ Nova Gaia

Shekmet is a Hengeyokai Warrior of Clan Bastet’s Bagherra Tribe. The powerful feline warrior was the first Crinos Hengeyokai to be observed at the colony. Shekmet arrived at the colony in 2509, about the time of Jubilynn’s emancipation. Shekmet kept to herself and was rarely seen during her first months on the colony, stepping into the public eye when joining the Sherriff’s department upon Jubilynn’s appointment of Sherriff.

Shekmet was pivotal in several early encounters while working for the Sherriff. Her physical prowess was often underestimated. Like most of her kind, the Crinos possess greatly enhanced strength, speed, agility and senses. Shekmet has proven a match for the colony’s foes, be they force wielders, cyborgs, power armor or xenomorphs.

During the arrival of the Har'ken and the First Battle of Botany bay, Shekmet was suspended in the power stream, found deep in the ancient facility under the colony. How the warrior came to be suspended there, or how she escaped the facility’s destruction is unknown.

During the Second Battle of Botany Bay, she could be seen, at the center of the main quad, squaring off against the leader of the Har’ken. She would be seriously wounded before the Leader was fallen.

Shekmet has followed the colony from Botany Bay to Nova Gaia, and all stops in-between. She often was the first warrior into the breach during incidents onboard the Colony Station, and was the colony’s main defense while on the desert world of Mu Draconis. There, many a foe would underestimate her skill and abilities, a mistake they often only made once. Shekmet squared off against soldiers form the SSFS, USD, Myrmidon Order, Orchid and others while defending the Colony from their destructive actions.

Shekmet continues to fill the role of defender and warrior on Nova Gaia. Not often seen, unless there is a call for her services, the Crinos Hengeyokai is a powerful presence within the Sentai. It is reported that either Shekmet or Serus is on world at all times, an apparent custom of the Hengeyokai.