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Shyaa Farnell, Proprietor of the Sol Cantina

Shyaa Farnell has been the owner and bartender at the Sol Cantina since it's first inception on a dusty, dry little backwater planet some years ago. He followed and reopened a new, more tropical version during it's space station year, and now oversees the current and prettiest incarnation on Nova Gaia. He was hired by Jubilynn Lane shortly after they met.

He is also an Entertainment Coordinator for the Colony, a duty which he does a fairly lousy job of due to his frequent absenses.

Shyaa's third and most lucrative career is as a thoroughly unregistered personal Companion. He has never applied to the Guild nor does he share any affilation with them (although he thinks they're very quaint.) For the right staggeringly high price, Shyaa can be hired as a date. And whatever other kinky thing his current client desires.

He came to the area through some manner of mysterious worm hole or time/space distortion and cannot, to the best of his knowledge, get back home to where he came from - which seems to be some manner of parallel version of Earth-That-Was.

Shyaa has two children; Jael whose whereabouts and second parent is unknown, and Pearl; whose mother is Jubilynn.

Shyaa's species is Wraeththu.