New Sol Cantina

Sol Cantina was an old establishment with roots in the colony’s original location. Formerly located just off of Obelisk Square, the Cantina was a popular watering hole with locals and the more respectable visiting crews. One of three local establishments, Sol was seen by many as the ‘respectable’ gathering spot, unlike the Slave Guild run L3, over the nearby Den.

Following the destruction of the land colony, Sol was one of the many businesses to open in the new Station. Opening its doors in a fully outfitted location on main deck, blue sector, Sol’s popularity grew during this time. While the other establishments floundered, Sol was a constant fixture on the colony’s social scene. While new venues such as the Snug would at times have more traffic, one could always find a cool drink and hot meal at Sol.

Following the Second Battle of Botany Bay and the ensuing evacuation, Sol opened its doors as the only social venue in the colony’s new home on Mu Draconis. Occupying a large common room on the main level of the colony, Sol saw much use in the colony’s sort stay on the desert world.

After the Exodus from Mu Draconis, Sol has continued to fill the roll of Social gathering spot. While the facility has undergone several renovations since their arrival, often as part of the Colony’s CIP, Sol has retained the distinction of being the spot most associated with the colony’s social scene.

Sol has been operated since its move from the surface of Botany Bay by Shyaa. Numerous staff have made their way though the venue’s payroll over the years. Currently the bar employees a mix of free and indentured staff as well as utilizing several droids, including the barbot ‘bob’, to ensure 24/7 service.

Sol Cantina is outfitted with all the comforts of home, including a large kitchen or ‘mess’ facility. It location on the main quad, means it will be one of the first locations visited by newly arriving off world visitors. These visitors, and diverse colonists make Sol an interesting stop on any tour of the ‘verse .

The Sol has a bouncer named Fluffy who you really don't want to mess with.