Starbright station

ATS's Starbright Station - In orbit over Nova Gaia

Starbight station is a commercial trading station run byt Apollo Trading and Salvage (ATS), in orbit above Botany Bay colony at Nova Gaia.

The S. S. Starbright began life as a luxury space liner, but was hulled by a collision with a small asteroid over a century ago. All hands and passengers were lost. More recently, ATS discovered and salvaged the wreck for some valuable cargo that was on board.

The ship itself has what are now obsolete systems, so restoration as a working space ship was not feasible. Nevertheless, the life support system was sound and now with the hull patched, the ship has been pressed into service as a static orbital station.

A quick tour: Th
Starbright external 003

The engines of the original Starbright luxury liner weren't considered worth repairing.

e beanstalk from the Botany Bay Colony brings you to what was the ballroom, reception, and dining area of the luxury liner. A system of lift plates provides transportation through the core of the station. Above the ballro
Starbright external 001

ATS Hyacinth, docked at Starbright Station

om, in what used to be the ship’s bridge, you will find the Beltway Lounge, drinking and dining with a view of the local asteroid belt. Slave girls, available for purchase, dance for your entertainment.

Below the ballroom are the red deck and the green deck – restored staterooms where passengers and other ATS customers may take their rest.

The the decks below the green deck are off limits to visitors. These are crew and slave quarters, engineering, and the cargo bay. The cargo bay has its own access to space for arriving and departing carg
Starbright external 002

Salvaged ship, renamed ATS Morning Glory, undergoing repair and refit outside Starbright Station

o ships.

OOC note:Edit

The lower decks are “off limits” but actually open to RP if your RP takes you there. You may need to evade the very light security in the area (but please don’t blow up my station).

The exceptions to this are the stateroom behind the locked door on the crew deck and the hidden deck between the crew deck and engineering which are Daphne’s private residence. Please don’t enter these areas without an invitation.