Al Raqis Colony

Botany Bay Colony in the Tanami Erg Desert, Araxes, Mu Draconis System -2510

Tanami Erg is a remote desert region of the world of Araxes in the Mu Draconis System. The region is far beyond the deep deserts of the inhabited region of Araxes and would be unremarkable if it were not for the short presence of the Botany Bay Colony. The colony spent several months in the desert after evacuating from the Botany Bay Station following the Second Battle of Botany Bay. The colony occupied a previously undiscovered facility, that was rumored to be a ruin in the hills of the area. The facility was quickly brought online, and housed the refugee colonists in relative comfort in the hostile environment.

The colony’s arrival and activation of the settlement seemed to calm the sandstorms that plagued the area. This and the colony’s appearance brought new visitors to the region, who brought with them the discord and warfare all too common on the desert world.

After several months, the colony departed Mu Draconis, in an Exodus from the system. After the colony’s departure, various factions attempted to occupy the settlement, but found the systems unresponsive and ‘dead’. Suspecting sabotage, an attempt to salvage was begun, yet was abandoned due to the return of fierce sandstorms.

Attempts to relocate the settlement after the storms passed have proven unsuccessful, some consider the facility lost to the sands of Mu Draconis, others believe it was salvaged, or perhaps hidden by forces unknown. The region is currently uninhabited.

Tanami Erg is a high desert, in the thin air of the high latitudes of Araxes. The rough terrain is swept by frequent fierce sandstorms which gather in the valleys and rush over the mountain tops. Kahn Jubilynn Lane still lays claim to the region, and Sits on the world’s ruling council, the Laandstrat. Occasional Colonial Ranger patrols brave the harsh environment to lend "boots on the ground" support to that claim.