Tarkethi 001

Tarkethi after hir return home.

Tarkethi is a wild and unclaimed Ginare native to the Botany Bay colony. There shi serves as barkeep to Colony administrator, Jubilynn Lane and slave, an occupation shi seems to have grown fond of.

Tarkethi has had many various forms, each serving a different role in hir "evolution" but hir current and most likely final appearance is that of a carnivorous aquatic creature with blue horns and feather moth like antennae. Hir four ears enable excellent hearing, rumored to detect a whisper from just a few meters away or more. Hir prehensile tail is used for everyday things, such as bartending, letter writing, and the customary Ginare greeting, "Tail Hugging". Shi's seen to have the strength of 10 men but this has been unconfirmed because hir owner keeps hir actions in check. Hir most prominant feature, is of course, hir large bust, normal for hir species but rare for most others. Shi often receives unwelcome comments directed toward hir chest, which either shi shrugs off, or takes great offence to.