"the 'Verse"Edit

A cluster of five stars and seven brown dwarfs orbited by dozens of Earth-sized planetary bodies and hundreds of smaller moons. All suitable bodies in that cluster have been terraformed, including having their surface gravities adjusted to near Earth gravity.

The main star, called the White Sun, (or Bai Hu -- White Tiger), is a class A0 giant. The "Central Planets" are the terrestrial worlds that orbit the White Sun. Farther out in this system the Red Sun (a class G5, also called Zhu Que -- Red Phoenix) and Georgia (class G0, also called Huang Long -- Yellow Dragon) share an orbit and worlds orbiting these stars are referred to as "Border Planets". The fourth star Kalidasa (class F5, also called Xuan Wu -- Black Tortoise), and its planets orbit next. After that, the fifth and last star Blue Sun (class F0, also called Qing Long -- Blue Dragon) and its planets orbit. Worlds orbiting these last two stars comprise "The Rim". Planets too far away from the biozones of the main stars are sustained for habitability by a series of brown dwarfs or protostars.