Winter Gala

The Quad during 2512's Winter Gala.

Hengeyokai colonies are havens of civilization in the chaos of the deep black. In addition to the libraries and galleries and other cultural artefacts found within the safety of the colonies; the colonies are expected to host gatherings several times of year.

The Winter Gala is one of the ongoing social and cultural commitments the colony hosts regularly. Held in the deep grip of 'winter', or February on the Pan-G Calendar. The formal dance is a symbol of the colony's ability to weather the long dark nights of history.

The Gala is regularly attended by diplomats and envoys from many worlds and factions. The colony spares little expense, most recently turning the semi-tropical climate of Nova Gaia's main colony into a winter wonderland though the use of the Colony's shields.

The Gala has grown more important, since the colony's settlement on Nova Gaia, and its raise as a powerful Hengeyokai world. Only the Samhain Costume Ball draws a greater attendance and has a more entrenched presence with the colonists.

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