Xwrxyl 001

Xyrxwl U'qwr, property of ATS, available for your pleasure.

Xyrxwl /ZERKzool/ is a member of the U'qwr /UH<click>koor/, a peaceful, spacefaring species. from the planet Sah, orbiting the star Ooouqus (data sheet) in the Beta Sector.

Urqwr appear to be reptillian humanoids, but xenobiologists classify them quite differently. They have a single gender, but reproduce sexually. The one gender appears superficially female so female pronouns are used. (The U'qwr have no gender pronouns in their native language, of course).

Xyrxwl was purchased by Daphne Jones of Apollo Trading and Salvage, Ltd. (ATS) at the slave market on Sah at the same time she purchased the dragon, Valiant.

Xyrxwl serves aboard Starbright Station as a barmaid, dancer, and pleasure slave. She may be rented or even purchased for the right price by contacting any ATS representative.